Best Garage Rock Act Boston Phoenix
Calling Streight Angular a garage-rock band feels like an oversimplification, and not just because of their recent flirtation with ambient electro-pop. Heck, calling them a “band” feels like an oversimplification. As much as any act in town, Al Polk and his uncanny entourage endeavor to be “experienced” as much as heard. Their preliminary-round set at this year’s Rock and Roll Rumble integrated a wandering gorilla (who was really a guy in a suit . . . right?), a dapperly attired gentleman in a lucha libre mask, a shower of single-bite candies, and more neon blacklight paint than you could shake a baby pacifier at. They didn’t make it to the semis, but the spectacle carved out an indelible notch in the Rumble’s collective memory. Let’s say Streight Angular aren’t just a garage band, but a cheerfully unruly, jangly, psychedelic rock-and-roll battalion raging, Gandhi-style, against normalcy.

"One of the most exciting and promising acts in America hails from Boston." - Ryan's Smashing Life review of "Everyone is Syncopated EP"


Nominated as Boston's Best New Band by Boston Music Awards

"Walk into any room on any night in any Boston ‘hood and chances are Streight Angular is on stage rocking out. Seriously, try it. This band never sleeps." - Michael Marotta - WFNX

"Pure rock candy on sugar-perched lips, Streight Angular is the trick for the treaters and the treat for the tricksters." - Boston Phoenix

Winner of Deli Magazine CMJ Best New Music Video "Everyone is Syncopated"

"Streight Angular evolve beyond the other quirky Boston rock bands, to ultimately become the quirky Boston rock band" -

"Pop-y and punk-y with driving choruses that only just got their learner’s permits--that’s Boston’s own Streight Angular for you being all neon-beardy and whatnot." - The Weekly Dig


"Most of all, After and Before just feels like a good time. It's as if you have been invited to a party and everyone is singing and you just can't help but sing along. One of the best party vibes on this album comes from the closing track, "The Beginning of the End," which urges you to "drink the pop because it's cheaper than water." And that, in the end, is what StreightAngular is all about: fizzy and sweet, unlike the plain and dull tones of water. "" - Max Specht (Performer Magazine)